BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[toolchain/binutils]: upgrade the Linaro binutils to 2.24-2013.12kaloz6 years
tkoma-s100local: Add the currently used build-config to the repositoryChristian Franke6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-07[toolchain/binutils]: upgrade the Linaro binutils to 2.24-2013.12HEADmasterkaloz
2014-01-07[toolchain/gcc]: upgrade Linaro GCC 4.8 to 4.8-2013.12kaloz
2014-01-07add x86_64 target supportkaloz
2014-01-07virtualbox emulates the e1000 for a long time nowkaloz
2014-01-07move most of the x86 image generation options to the main filekaloz
2014-01-06sunxi: refresh usb vbus patchwigyori
2014-01-06sunxi: various fixeswigyori
2014-01-04bcm53xx: make the l2x0 L2 cache controller workhauke
2014-01-04bcm53xx: update the ethernet core hackshauke
2014-01-04kernel: bgmac: update the driver patches to a version submitted for mainline ...hauke