AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-21Fill in placeholders for POST parameters, tooqopensearchChristian Franke
2009-09-19Build the autotests and the examples in subdirectories.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-09-19Add a suggestions example that demonstrates how to use the suggestionsJakub Wieczorek
2009-09-11Use CONFIG += ordered so that make would walk through theJakub Wieczorek
2009-09-11Do not include build.pri in opensearch.pri as that would overwrite theJakub Wieczorek
2009-09-11Make the whole thing a shared library.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-09-08Private Implementation of OpenSearchEngine, so it will be easier to preserve ...Janusz Lewandowski
2009-08-25Simplify the OpenSearchWriter class by moving all the logic concerningJakub Wieczorek
2009-08-25Add support for tags.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-08-21Add an abstract delegate class that can be subclassed to provide aJakub Wieczorek
2009-07-27Support POST request method.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-07-23Encode the user input before inserting it into the template.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-07-22Add API documentation.Jakub Wieczorek
2009-07-21Initial commit.Jakub Wieczorek