AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-21make use of requestSearchResults on startpageHEADmasterChristian Franke
2012-03-21use requestSearchResults also in loadStringChristian Franke
2012-03-21Use new API for search from context menuChristian Franke
2012-03-21qopensearch update:Christian Franke
2012-03-21Use upstream opensearch codeChristian Franke
2012-03-21allow for POST search from ToolbarSearchChristian Franke
2012-03-21make WebView an OpenSearchEngineDelegateChristian Franke
2011-05-24Merge pull request #4 from berolinux/fixStartpageBenjamin C Meyer
2011-05-24Fix start page not being valid XML (but claiming to be XHTML)Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-05-16Merge pull request #3 from berolinux/localStorageBenjamin C Meyer
2011-05-10Support persistent data storage (HTML5 localStorage)Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-02-06Autofill manager was always storing forms.Benjamin C Meyer
2011-02-06"Autofill webforms" in Preferences was always checked.Benjamin C Meyer
2011-02-06Fixed ssl certificate problem with sites like Butler
2011-02-06Change the AutoFillManager to not use hard coded offsets for request attributes.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-12-04Show the number of downloads in the download manager dialog title, andZsombor Gegesy
2010-12-04fix the problem in the downloadmanager, when the 'delete' button is pressed, ...Zsombor Gegesy
2010-09-27Update Changelog for Arora C Meyer
2010-09-27Bump Arora version to 0.11.0Benjamin C Meyer
2010-09-27Update AUTHORS file for next release.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-09-27Style fix: convert tabs to spaces.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-07-19Add an application icon for os2. Unfortunately this is not the same asBenjamin C Meyer
2010-07-19For finding the locale tools os2 behaves like win32Benjamin C Meyer
2010-07-19 - Replaced "leichtgewichtiger" with "schlanker" in translation withMax Kueng
2010-07-15When building in debug mode on OS2 just like with Windows enable the console.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-07-15Fix Text Encoding to work correctlyBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Handle --about argument so not to cause garbage on the console for git-hooksBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Move Arora's hooks to the git-hooks format to utilize git-hooksBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Remove old way of doing pre-commitsBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Remove custom spell check and default signed-off check, those are both includ...Benjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Remove hook that only applies to BenjaminBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19Remove hooks that are not enabledBenjamin C Meyer
2010-06-19When the privacy indicator is visible clicking on it will result inBenjamin C Meyer
2010-05-24Default to lrelease and not lrelease-qt4 on non unix platforms.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-05-24QMAKE_EXTRA_UNIX_TARGETS is deprecated; use QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS instead.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-05-07QtWebKit 2.0 declare a meta type for QWebElementBenjamin Poulain
2010-03-05Enable the raster graphics system by default for X11Benjamin Poulain
2010-02-20Improve the included GUI interface for switching user agents.Benjamin C Meyer
2010-02-20Add a way to modify the user agent string from within the application.William Witt
2010-02-01Support arguments for the external download programChristopher Eby
2010-02-01Updates from the maintainerBenjamin C Meyer
2010-01-31Make "Show Hidden Files" translatable.Kristof Bal
2010-01-31Renamed Dutch translation file.Kristof Bal
2010-01-31Tweak the adblock dialog spacing and sizeBenjamin C Meyer
2010-01-31AdBlock dialog: use a simple check box instead of a group box.Ariya Hidayat
2010-01-31Replace Stopped with Download Complete (like in ffx it's less confusing )Popa Marius Adrian
2010-01-31Update the copyright year in the about dialog to include 2010Benjamin C Meyer
2010-01-04Remove remnant of delayed QWebView creation. Fixes tab restore again.Henri Valta
2009-12-30Remove the delayed QWebView creation optimization as over the years itBenjamin C Meyer
2009-12-30Correctly save the history state of a tab when using Qt 4.6Benjamin C Meyer