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Update Changelog for Arora
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+ When the privacy indicator is visible clicking on it will result in private mode being turned off.
+ Add a way to modify the user agent string from within the application.
+ Support arguments for the external download program
+ Tweak the adblock dialog spacing and size.
+ Change the AdBlock dialog to use a simple check box instead of a group box.
+ Replace Stopped with Download Complete (like in ffx it's less confusing )
+ Update the copyright year in the about dialog to include 2010
+ Issue: 768: Fix spelling mistake
+ Issue: 821: Sort columns in cookie dialog by data values instead of string value. This fixes the dates being alphanumerically sorted.
+Behind the scene:
+ Issue: 891: Fix Text Encoding to work correctly
+ Issue: 826: Correctly save the history state of a tab when using Qt 4.6
+ Fix build breakage with QtWebKit 2.0.
+ Remove remnant of delayed QWebView creation. Fixes tab restore again.
+ Style fix: convert tabs to spaces.
+Build system:
+ Add an application icon for os2.
+ For finding the locale tools on os2 behave like win32
+ When building in debug mode on OS2 just like with Windows enable the console.
+ Move Arora's hooks to the git-hooks format to utilize git-hooks (See:
+ Default to lrelease and not lrelease-qt4 on non unix platforms.
+ Enable the raster graphics system by default for X11
+ Make "Show Hidden Files" translatable.
+ Issue: 811: Fix typos in the German translation
+ Replaced "leichtgewichtiger" with "schlanker" in translation with source "Lightweight WebKit-based wen browser"
+ Fixed capitalization typo whare the word "Tab" began with a lowercase "t"
+ Renamed Dutch translation file from nl_BE to nl.
The major issues:
- When compiling with Qt 4.6 Arora had been using some API that changes