aroraArora - a leightweight cross-platform webkit browser7 years
ddupdatedynamic dns updater10 years
diacstuffdiacstuff9 years
dn42scapySome small snippets for scapy6 years
dn42whoiswhois frontend to the dn42 wiki9 years
dnstracerouteA tool to traceroute with dns queries7 years
dockerdrop-playbook[no description]13 months
dockstar-linuxkernel tree for my dockstar8 years
dockstar-ubootbootloader tree for my dockstar8 years
dokuwikiA reboot of the sublab wiki vcs - as DokuWiki now uses git :)8 years
ds1307[no description]10 years
easter-gonetv-off firmware for the e2010 badge, still experimental9 years
enc-talkQuellen des Vortrages 'Festplattenverschluesselung'9 years
gentoo-dn42gentoo portage overlay for dn42 stuff9 years
gentoo-overlay-ownSome ebuilds I collected and created over the time8 years
glibc[no description]4 years
infoscreensublab infoscreen8 years
irrd-docintroduction to the usage of the dn42 whois system9 years
jircjirc9 years
ladspa-moodlampLADSPA plugin which controls a Moodlamp via MLD8 years
mintunmintun8 years
moodpdUDP Head for moodlamp8 years
mygal[no description]11 months
nurikosome python fluff7 years
olsrd-quaggaQuagga Plugin for OLSRD9 years
olsrd-zclientzclient plugin for olsrd7 years
openwrtLinux Distribution (not only) for embedded devices5 years
openwrt-streamingOpenwrt package feed for audio streaming related stuff5 years
playbooks-mygal[no description]13 months
playbooks-pretix[no description]3 years
playbooks-swconf[no description]3 years
pytest-net[no description]8 weeks
quaggaquagga3 years
r0cketChristian's r0cket repo7 years
replarpArp replier8 years
sctproxyVery simple SCTP Proxy6 years
swconf[no description]3 years
switchconfSome small hacks for provisioning HP switches6 years
switchfooToying around with Paramiko6 years
taskstasks8 years
tinity[no description]10 years
xvidinfoSmall tool to dump some information about current Video mode10 years